Hey all you nice Senorazz, Senoritazz and Senorezz,

this was the hell of a  ZZ TOP tribute month in the other Texas 😉

The zzuper highlight, for sure, was our live performance at Sat 1 Frühstücksfernsehen on release day of ZZ TOP’s new album „La Futura“.

Thankzz to Universal Music, who invited us to step in for ZZ TOP (as they could not show up themselves), and so we had the opportunity to perform some ZZ TOP golden greats and of course the new hitsingle “ Gotsta Get Paid“  on TV.

See what Billy Gibbons says about it in his video message:

(by kind permission of Universal records)

Well, that became by far the earliest gig we’ve ever done yet and we want to send a warm „I Thank You“ to everybody, who helped us making this great thing possible:

  • First of all Jelena from Universal who took care of us from dusk till dawn 😉 and of course all the other nice people from Universal records like Jens, Ben and Julian who kept it all running.
  • The perfect technical support from all the people at  Fernsehwerft espacially Andreas and Sascha.
  • Our crew Elwood, without whom everything would be a black hole on stage, and André the Viking, our fabulous driver and merch assistant.
  • Last but not least give a big hand to our very nice hosts Karen, Matthias , Jan and Simone. We enjoyed it so much being on your show 🙂

If you wanna review the show please go to the Frühstücksfernsehen Webseite and enjoy our early performance of “ Gimme All Your Lovin'“.

After that we went back home quickly to have another extraordinary show at our homebase music club: the Downtown Bluesclub in Hamburg …  Heart of the other Texas 😉 … and boy that was really a fantastic show powered by all you lovely ZZ Top Fans and Trez Hombrez friends. ( Wish, we could have those girls dancing their „Legs“ off on every stage on tour, ooohh yeahh … )

We’ll be back and pick you up….!

We might be back, as well, at the Café Hahn in Koblenz next year, where we enjoyed a wonderful audience on 1st of September. Many more nice people than expected showed up and had a great evening with Blues, Bears & Boogie.

Here is some picz of the gear:


Everybody felt happy and fully satisfied this night:

  • The audience, because of our overwhelming ZZ TOP Tribute Show and first performance of  the new hit single „Gotsta Get Paid“.
  • The band because of the enthusiastic and passionate audience (oh boy, you know all the lyrics by heart).
  • The owner of the club 😉 because he had a successful night with a crowded house and a happy band 🙂

Thankzz again guys!

And to bring it to the TOP, Friday 14th took us east to the Speicher in Schwerin, where people went absolutely crazy about our ZZ Tribute Show.

With Billy Gibbons presenting us on the video wall we might had have a little ace up our sleeves 😉 but anyway it was an unforgettable night and it was so nice to see people coming in already wearing our TREZ HOMBREZ fan-shirts and meet all you crazy ZZ TOP fans who saw us performing at the Superrally 2012 in Ballenstedt in May. Honestly, a 10.000 crowd in front of the stage is really impressive but 250 nice and crazy people in a small club makes a  formidable, fabulous and unforgettable evening that keeps this thing of Tone,Taste & Tenacity running.

This is what it looked like on stage:


We’ll be back 🙂

So please watch out for our next shows near your personal Texas, which could already be on

  • Saturday, October 13th live at Musikladen, Heinbockel
  • Friday, October 26th live at Jakobshof, Aachen, supported by MR. LOFI – onemanelectrojam
  • Saturday, October 27th live at Beavers, Miltenberg

ZZ U there 😎