Hi everybody!

The future is near 😎 and „La Futura“, ZZ Top’s forthcoming album, is going to be released on September 7th.

And, yes, we’re really exited about this long awaited record, because after first glances of the new songs on youtube and other sites on the internet it really looks like TREZ HOMBREZ – The Official ZZ Top Tribute Band – might be a part of the record’s release promotion in the „other“ Texas …!

We hope to provide you with more detailed information very soon.


a furious gig with about 10.000 Texas Bluesrock lovin‘ bike enthusiats in the fully crowded red marquee at this years FH-DCE Super Rally in Ballenstedt is behind, yet another nice bunch of new shows is very close as well 😉

We are preparing for:

Be there and join us in a great ZZ TOP Blues, Beards & Boogie show, where everybody surely will gonna be „Flyin‘ High“ as high as the, corresponding ZZ TOP song that went off as a send off song for the Soyus crew last year.

This is Rocket Rock 😎


It is likely that you might as well listen to the new ZZ TOP hit single „I Gotsta Get Paid“ when you get to one of our upcoming shows.

It’s up to you which kind of beer you wanna drink but always make sure to bring your cheap sunglasses 😉

Feel free to send us your TREZ HOMBREZ  „live on stage“ pictures or leave a comment on what you think about the new ZZ TOP stuff from the EP „Texicali“ and the longplayer „La Futura“.

ZZ u soon