TREZ HOMBREZ - The Official ZZ TOP Tribute Band - live in Hamburg

Last call everybody, last call …!

The annual Texas-Powertrio-Bluesrock-flight down to the Mexican border will be tomorrow night only.

Departure is on Friday 29th of November at 20:00, please proceed to gate „Downtown Bluesclub“ at 19:00 for check in.

TREZ HOMBREZ – The Official ZZ TOP Tribute Airline – will be very pleased to have all of you on board of our exclusive „Hoodoo Voodoo“ Blues ’n‘ Boogie machine.

Dress up sharp and make yourself comfortable with a fresh draft cerveza  or some fine aged red wine; have some nasty dogs and funky kings around and make sure to put on your Cheap Sunglasses  😎 ‚cause it’s gonna be a great show of all classic ZZ TOP hits.

In addition to that, it’s a great pleasure to announce the release of the latest issue of Gitarre & Bass including a nice article about ZZ Top and , of course, all relevant information about our „Billy F. Gibbons soundalike“: Reverend Billy Bo and his guitar equipment.

It’s out in the stores by now 🙂

That’s it for tonight. ZZ U soon!

TREZ HOMBREZ - The Official ZZ TOP Tribute Band - live at Café Hahn 2013, foto by Ingo Zimmermann