TREZ HOMBREZ heads for Unna

Heyho everybody

St Nikolaus behind and Santa Claus in front,

time for some hot Bluezz, Beardzz & Boogie Nights!

And that’s what’s TREZ HOMBREZ – The Official ZZ TOP Tribute Band – is all about.

After a fantastic show at Gulfhaus, Vechta (thankzz for the nice review, Felix) we are now ready to rock Lindenbrauerrei, Unna.

Next show is:

Friday, 12th of Decembre 2014 at Lindenbrauerei, Unna

Saturday, 20th of Decembre at Räucherei, Kiel

We hope to see a whole lotta „Legzz“, „Sharp Drezzed Man“, „Cheap ZZunglasses“ and „Beer Drinkerzz & Hell Raiserzz“ down there and wanna thank you again for the wild party at our 5th anniversary show at Downtown Bluesclub in Hamburg and some really nice pics shot by Felix Crull from av haus:

„sharp dressed brothers“, „white suit on da blue machine“ and a „bowl of cheap sunglassezz“

TREZ HOMBREZ - The Official ZZ TOP Tribute Band - live on stage at Downtown Bluesclub shot by Felix Crull downtown2014_01 downtown2014_03

Triple hugzz go out to our great crew: Mr. Christian Hähnel for cigarettezz and zzound and Mr. Elwood for lightzz and everything!!!

and for sure, we don’t need to tell that izt wouldn’t be so much fun with you great folkzz ZZ TOP and TREZ HOMBREZ fans out there.

So spread the news: the bluezz cruizze is coming and join us at our upcoming live shows.