News from TREZ HOMBREZ - The Official ZZ TOP Tribute Band in August 2014

Howdy Folkzz,

it’s about time to get ready for Moorburg Festival 2014 on Saturday, 9th of August.

If you do  like the music of ZZ TOP and even of Status Quo, AC/DC and Rory Gallagher as well, you’ll gonna have a great evening with amazing Tribute Bands live on stage, starting at 18:00 to support that lil‘ ol‘ village down at Hamburg port!

In addition, there will be a radio feature on tide 96,0 on Thursday, 7th of August at 18:00 about Tribute Bands from the North of the OTHER Texas. Feel free to follow Rolf’s Lounge on facebook or tide 96,0 for more information.


Have fun and a whole lotta Bluezz, Beardzz & Boogie 😎