Merry ZZ TOP Tribute Xmazz 2013

Ho, ho , ho everybody

that was a hell of a nice gigs so far:

We had a very special night with a wonderful audience back home at the great Downtown Bluesclub in Hamburg.

Triple Xtra thanks goes out to extraordinary Nadine „NTC“ Meyer for a great series of very nice photography.

Oh boy, if you need some rocking and rollin‘ pictures of what ever it should be, go and call that enthusiastic lady!

Here is a couple of black and white shots from November 29th:

DowntownBC 2013 Dusty DowntownBC 2013 Frank Blank DowntownBC 2013 Billy Bo


A great evening of ZZ TOP tribute music, as well, was the „night of the beards“ on St. Nicholas Day at Eventhalle Niebel  in Schloss Holte-Stukenbrock. Thank you for nice pics and true fans with nice beard, nice hat and lots of juwelry 😉


And for sure it was a pleasure to play for all those lovely, dancing Hell Raisers and Beer Drinkers at Der Speicher, Schwerin for the second time that day after.

People, we’ll be back!

But before we will finish this years „Boom Shakalaka“ ZZ TOP tribute tour next weekend with two Xmazz  live shows up in the north of that lil‘ ol‘ other Texas:

Looking forward to zz a whole lotta ZZ TOP and TREZ HOMBREZ – The Official ZZ TOP Tribute Band – maniacs down there  😎