An Evening with TREZ HOMBREZ

-­ “Hoodoo Voodoo Boogie Chili” -­


  • 5 good pounds of Blues, well hung
  • 800 grams of Guitar Riffs, extra hot
  • 10 ounces Texas Shuffle, bone-­dry
  • And a whole lotta fat ’n greasy bass
  • Add fine filets from the hits of ZZ TOP, gently dodged by synchronous swaying guitar necks.
  • Cook it all together for 2 1/2 hours over a hot flame and ignore the screaming of the damned.
  • Serve with a fresh draft cerveza out of a longhorn and a loosely rolled Bull Durham

– there ya go: A recipe for an unforgettable evening with blues, beards & boogie –

An evening with TREZ HOMBREZ!

See y‘all on the way down to the Mexican border!